Welcome! You didn’t land here by mistake so I’m glad you took the time to visit my page. I’m Rigo Hernandez and I’m excited to announce my run for City Council this November!

A little about myself before we get into the meat and potatoes of what you’re really here for. I am a native Houstonian, have lived here in Houston my entire 38 years. Born in Pasadena TX, raised in Galena Park, and now reside in East Downtown. I graduated from Texas Southern University 2021, and I am looking forward to getting to work for the citizens of Houston.

So why am I running… the city of Houston needs fresh ideas and leaders who can relate to its citizens. I believe I can do the job better than my opponents, and running on zero campaign contributions. My decisions are not swayed by special interests or money in politics, but rather what is necessary for a greater Houston.

Public Safety

Ensuring public safety is a fundamental responsibility of any city, and Houston's police department plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. To effectively combat rising crime rates and enhance the security of our communities, it is imperative that we support budget increases for our police force. These additional resources can enable the department to hire more officers, invest in advanced technology, and implement community policing programs that build trust and collaboration with residents. By allocating sufficient funds to the Houston Police Department, we can work together to bring down the crime rate, creating a safer and more prosperous city for everyone. It's not just about policing; it's about fostering an environment where Houstonians can thrive without fear, and that begins with adequately supporting our dedicated law enforcement professionals.


I am a strong advocate for public transportation. The growth our city is experiencing can only benefit from the use of public transportation by reducing congestion, reduce road maintenance costs, and save money on traffic enforcement. With cost of living rising throughout the country, public transportation can help mitigate the burden of high prices for everyone. I am committed to improving public transportation for the city and will work with city leaders to improve safety and reliable transportation for all citizens of Houston.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is paramount in managing Houston's budget and spending. Every tax dollar collected must be allocated wisely to ensure that essential services are provided efficiently while avoiding overspending and unnecessary expenditure. A balanced and transparent budgeting process is key to achieving this goal. This means prioritizing critical areas such as public safety, education, and infrastructure while identifying and eliminating wasteful or redundant spending. By maintaining a prudent approach to budget management, we can not only make the most of taxpayer dollars but also invest in the long-term sustainability and growth of our city, securing a brighter future for all Houstonians.

Economic growth and development

I am all for fostering economic growth and development in Houston. One critical aspect of this mission is the Houston Permitting Center, which serves as the gateway for businesses and individuals looking to invest in our city. To facilitate sustainable growth, I advocate for budget increases to enhance the center's operations and streamline the permitting process. By doing so, we can reduce bureaucratic hurdles, cut down on processing times, and attract more investment to Houston. This not only benefits our economy but also creates job opportunities and paves the way for a vibrant, prosperous future. I firmly believe that by improving the permitting center and making it more efficient, we can unlock the full potential of our great city, ensuring that Houston remains a thriving hub for businesses and innovation.

Houston communities and our constituents

I am deeply committed to the principles of community and constituent outreach. To me, it's not just a campaign promise; it's a fundamental aspect of good governance. I believe that being accessible and actively engaged with our community is essential to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities our city faces. I pledge to show up to community meetings, to actively participate in dialogues, and most importantly, to listen to the voices of my constituents. I see this not just as a responsibility, but as a privilege – a chance to work collaboratively with the people of Houston to address their concerns, develop innovative solutions, and make our city an even better place to live. My commitment to outreach and assistance is not just for the campaign; it's a lifelong dedication to serving the community I love and call home.

Idea Proposals

  • Ranked choice voting for city and county elections Source
    1. this will force bipartisanship
    2. will save millions for the city by elimination runoffs
  • Abolish parking minimum requirements
    1. reduces rent for residential and commercial property owners
    2. allows for more greenspace to reduce flooding